Monday, April 19, 2010

Application Process

Hey guys! So today I'm going to discuss the application process. I would have already done this and posted blogs about waiting and waiting and waiting on my purple e-mail and folder but I didn't want to get ahead of myself in case I didn't get accepted. So here we go:


First, you have to attend a presentation about the Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP). Now there are two different types of presentations you can complete. You only need to complete one of them however if you are crazy excited about the program and can't get enough of it you will probably do both (like I did).

So, the first type of presentation, the one I personally recommend, is the live presentation. And this presentation is exactly what it sounds like; you attend the presentation at your college or a local college near you. Disney sends their recruiters around the states to give these presentations to WDWCP hopefuls. At the presentation you learn all about the program, benefits, living, learning, earning, and many other helpful topics. You also have the advantage of talking to a recruiter face to face and asking any questions you have or just for any tips they may have for you.

The second type of presentation is an online presentation. Now, this presentation is for people who can not attend a live presentation. If you have the opportunity to go to a live presentation I strongly suggest it so you can talk to the recruiter and have all questions answered. The online presentation isn't bad by any means. It presents you with the same information your recruiter does and it has some extra videos that the live presentation doesn't. And even though I attended the live presentation I was still watching the online presentation after the fact because I am so "gersh darn" excited to get to Florida!

Now you HAVE to attend one of these two programs before you can begin the application process. It is the first step to getting yourself closer to Florida and in the WDWCP.

Online Interview

Ok, after you have sat through one of the two mentioned presentations you will receive a "special code." The only purpose this code serves is to prove you have listened to the presentation. So, when you really begin the application process you go to where you can find all the information your recruiter told you about. Since you now have your code you can click on "Apply Now" and begin the online interview. The online interview usually takes up about an hour of your time. It consists of you entering "general knowledge" about you such as your name, birthdate, class ranking, etc. etc. It is quite boring but since it gets you closer to Disney it's not all that bad. Next, you pick what roles you are interested in. All the roles and their descriptions are listed on this site. Now if you don't want a certain role such as custodian or housekeeping...DON'T MARK IT! Even if you think "Oh if I mark everything it will make me look like a hard worker!" Bad decision. If you check one of those roles off that you absolutely don't want to do and then get that role...don't complain about it.

The next part of the online interview is timed! It consists of different questions to try and get a feel of what kind of person you are (I think that's what it's for at least). I can't remember what the questions were exactly but they aren't hard but still think about them you have somewhere around 20 seconds to answer each one. After you are done with this a screen will pop up telling you whether you are proceeding to the phone interview or if you didn't make it this time. If you don't make it DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! I didn't make it past the online interview the first time, but came to realize it just wasn't my time to go. If this is really what you want to do then try again in 6 months. If you do make it then CONGRATULATIONS! And get prepared for your phone interview.

Phone Interview

Now that you have went to the presentation and passed the online interview you can start to prepare for your phone interview. There are a list of ways to prepare listed on the WDWCP website, just click on "Interview Tips." Read those tips and I suggest you follow them. When I first read them I was like "Do I really need to do this?" But yes, yes you do. I never thought anyone could tell if you were smiling or not over the phone but it definitely changes the way your voice comes over and definitely makes you sound even more friendlier than you are. The phone interview lasts about 20 minutes total. And one tip that isn't on that list..don't be nervous. Talk to your recruiter as if they are your friend. Make sure they know you are a good person. The questions themselves aren't difficult. They are going to ask you standard interview questions that you would get asked anywhere. "What is your prior work experience?" "How did that help you?" stuff like that. Then they go into specific questions based on your top three role choices (which they ask you to choose). I don't remember the questions I was asked involving the roles at all. I would definitely recommend printing those roles and their descriptions off because it will make the interview that much easier! I didn't and couldn't even remember three of the ones I chose..I just knew I wanted attractions and then I remembered two more. Then they tell you at the end of the interview it will be 3-4 weeks before you will hear from us.

And so then you play the waiting game....sometimes its a week...some people wait the full 4 weeks....some (mainly returning CPers) wait even longer!!

So that's all for now in the next blog I will discuss the wait and the long anticipated purple email and folder! Oh and here's another one of my photos I took last summer!

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